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A Baby Named Jesus

Hush, hush sweet baby don't cry. Little one wrapped in the manger keeping 
so warm.  Your, bright eyes shinning up at me looking right through me. 
Your, love radiates and penetrates right through me.
         Who can you be?  Who can you be?

Your sweet, beautiful, loving Mother resting right there beside you, hush, hush 
sweet baby you will wake her...She, needs to rest, she just brought you into the 

She woke from her rest and looked at me.  She said come here sit by the fire.
I, have a great story for you to hear.  She began , my sweet precious baby boy.
I will,name him Jesus.  God, sent his Angels to me with a message they  told me 
to name my precious son ...Jesus..

As she continued to talk she looked at me with tears in her eyes she said one day,
my sweet Jesus, will give up his life for you and all the world that believes in him.
So you, and the world  can live for all eternity..

You see.  Jesus is the Savior of the world.  Born into the world on this Holy 
Christmas Day. I, glance down at this precious child he was taking in every word 
she had to say.  I, looked down at this beautiful baby boy . His eyes starred up at 
me, as if he was looking in my very soul..

His beautiful Mother, had tears running down her face, she said my precious baby 
boy will be nailed to a cross and tortured one day. He ,will die for our sins. 
So we can live for all eternity..

Now It was my turn to cry.  I cried and cried I looked down at this beautiful baby 
boy who was pure love.. He, would one day die for our sins. Oh Jesus...Jesus...
I call your sweet precious name. That moment, I thought I heard a voice come 
right from him..It said ...Hush....hush.....Rejoice in me child... 

My gifts to you and the world will be...Eternal life....Peace...Love and to set all your 
sins free.  I am your Savior, believe and put your trust in me...Don't be sad.... 
I will.....Yes, I will come back in walk this Earth again..

I, looked down once again at that most beautiful, precious baby boy, with his heart
that glows, really glows of pure love.  I heard him say from his heart to mine  .
Remember, believe in me always...put all your trust in me...

I will sweet Jesus.....I will.....I do....I do believe....
I will go shout to the world, Our Savior is born on this Holy Christmas Day....
Praise the Lord~~The Sweet baby Jesus is born..

© XxSuNkiSsx   a.k.a. Betty
All rights reserved
Used with permission
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