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"Inspired by Grammie Moses Of Senior room 1"
Thank you, Grammie

*A Lesson from A Special friend*

Why do you make fun of me?
IM different, that you can see.
Im still the same as you are
I have feelings a soul and a heart

People say IM retarded what does that mean?
I know it means something bad ... 
I know your making fun of me.
Maybe retarded means I m slow ..
I asked a friend she told me she knows..

She said it means we can't do things other people can do
I said that sure isn't true..
I can do what ever I want
It just takes time so I can do it right, 
making it slow, makes it turn out great

When you see me walking down the street
Don't laugh and make fun of me
I'd rather be a little slow and do things right
After all "You", do it fast but your not very nice or polite

When you look  at me I'm always smiling
My heart is full of love and kindness
Ohhh, maybe your telling me your retarded is
That's why your so angry and mean?.. 
Is it because you don't know how to love
Or be happy..Come here, let me hug you .

See that is it your smiling now..
I love you..Your, my friend, 
It isn't your fault you been angry..
You just needed a hug and to feel loved...
See your not retarded anymore..

I hugged you and made it all better for you.. 
Your, heart doesn't hurt or feel sore anymore.. 
I fixed it. I put my love in your heart so you know I'm, your friend..
See that smile on your face..
I made you happy ..I'm so happy I did..

Your my friend ~I love you..
Promise me you'll never make fun of me or anyone again..
You'll  hurt their heart if you do..Like you did mine..
I'm so happy that you crossed your heart and promised me, 
Never to make fun of me or any one again..
Your my special friend I love you..

Now I'm getting ready to do the best I can..
IM gonna run this  "SPECIAL" race for God, and you my friend..
Im gonna win...IM gonna win. 
I'm gonna win ..for me and all my friends

© XxSuNkiSsx  a.k.a. Betty
All rights reserved  ©September 4, 2003
Used with permission
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24 August 2003.
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