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Written for my Mother with much Love.

Cascades of rainbows, fairy tales,
Nursery rhymes, flashbacks in my mind..
Of the wonderful times when mother
Would read to me as a child.
                        Still, the child lives inside me as an adult..
        Memories, fill my heart with so much happiness 
and so much Love. 
Love shared between a mother and daughter 
A  bond and love so strong..

Even, though she has passed on her love 
was/is so strong it is felt everyday.. 
My mother, would  let me crawl  unto her lap  
as a child ,while she cuddled me and read to me..
feeling so secure and so loved more 
then anyone could ever imagine..
While, she reads stories, I loved so well..
over and over again.

Enchanted, and mystified wide eyed, while I 
listened to my mother  read  all my favourite 
Feeling so comfortable, my loving mother 
tucks me in my bed, kisses my cheek, says 
I love you... ..
She, sits reading more to me in her gentle 
whispering voice, till I fall asleep...

These, memories will always live in my heart 
and soul along with my, loving. mother.. 
Everything seems so peaceful to me..
Somewhere deep inside me... 
I can almost hear my mother reading to me. 
As she bends down to kiss my cheek and says, 
goodnight, I love you sweetie, goodnight..

As I sit here with tears running down my face..
A peaceful feeling comes over me ..
I, close my eyes with such glorious, wonderful, 
memories of my very, loving kind-hearted Mother..
who I miss and love with all my heart..

Author:© XxSuNkiSsx   a.k.a. Betty
   All rights reserved  ©February 18, 2003
Used with permission
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