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*Easter Guest* 

As I look out my window I watch the children play.  
I see an old man sitting on the curb, looking all around.  
He seems to be looking for something that can't be found.  
He looks so nervous he starts to get up, 
But, instead he sits back down. 

He looks lost, like he hasn't seen a good meal in days.  
Reaching for half of sandwich some child has thrown at him. 
He begins to eat the sandwich.  
My, dear God, It's Easter Day
.How can these children be so cruel? 
When at home they have a big Easter dinner cooking,  
With so much food.. 

I watched the old man eat the sandwich.   
He finished it within a few seconds.  
He ate as if he was starving.  
My, heart went out to him.  
Our Easter dinner was just about ready.

I walked out to the curb where the old man sat.   
He looked up at me with the most beautiful, blue eyes I ever seen.  

I said "Excuse me Sir, I was wondering would you like 
to join my family and I for dinner"?
"We, have way too much food.  I cooked so much.".
With tears in his eyes, he said,  "Why thank you, dear.  But, I wouldn't bother you or your family today...It's Easter." 

I told him, "It was no bother at all..We, had plenty of food. 
We would never eat it all.".  I. said, "We have plenty to share."

He said, "My dear, I would be honored to join you and your family, but, I'll just take a seat on your porch swing."  
I tried to make him come inside.  
He said,  "Dear, I'm a little too shy."
I said, " I understood." 

"Make yourself comfortable, on the swing.  I'll hurry back with your food."
He said,  "Don't hurry  dear, take your time." 

When I  returned with his plate of food,
I looked and couldn't believe my eyes
He was not  sitting on the swing..
He was gone.
With no trace of him any where..

But sitting on the swing  in his place were the most beautiful, glowing lilies, with a note.
As tears streamed down my face, I read.

" Happy Blessed Easter, to you my child.
You are so kind..
Thank You, dear for your thougtfulness and  kindness."
The Lord. 

NOTE: The moral of this story is..
At times, things are not what they seem to be. People, never know who they  might be helping.. Always, have a kind heart, not only on Easter but everyday. Happy Easter to you and your families..
Love and God bless you always, Betty

 Betty Rickard (C)
Easter 2004 Used with permission
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