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**Eyes of Love**

The tapping of his cane as it hits the wall
tap,  tap ~ tap, tap ~ tap,  tap
It is the older man as he finds his way
to his apartment all alone, once again. 

I watch and admire him from afar
He always has a nice word for everyone that passes by him. 
He says hello, how are you? 
God bless you. 

He, pats the little ones on the head
and stops a minute to play. 
He reaches in his pocket and gives the children some change.  
Go, ask your mother if you can go buy ice cream..or save it for candy to share with all your friends..

He finds his lock ~ upon, his door
and he lets himself in..
I hear the tapping of his cane
tap, tap ~ tap, tap ~ tap, tap~ once again.

As, he walks across his floor.. 
I listen at his door incase he needs a helping hand  
I wait and listen silently,  straining to hear his cane again.. 
Then, I hear the familiar sound 
tap,tap ~ tap, tap~ again

I watch and pray every night, that he arrives home safe from harm..
That, gentle person that he is..
You, see he doesn't need his eyes.. 
God, shows him where he goes...
God, takes him by his arm in leads him safely
home, once again..

As I'm listening at his door it suddenly opens up
He, said I've noticed what a friend you are,
I just wanted you to know I'm all right.. 
You, see I hear you at my door watching and 
waiting to see I'm in my apartment safe..
I hear you here every night, you are really my blessing..
God, bless you for being so thoughtful and kind..

Well, tonight my friend I came to invite you in..
The tea water is boiling for our tea..
I feel so blessed that God stands over and watches over me..
You, see God knew I needed a friend, and he sent you here to me..

I feel so blessed and loved by the people here, that look and watch over me.. 
The Lord, lets me use his eyes, he takes good
care of me..
But, I do get lonely, so he sent you here my friend to keep me company..

Now as I sit here with my wonderful, loving new friend I begin to understand... 
I hear the tapping of his cane as this beautiful 
hymn goes through my mind over and over again. 
I catch myself, humming these words as I look right at him, thinking to myself,
I, once was lost ~but now I'm found ~  I, once was blind ~ now I can see.

Dear Lord, you lend your eyes so the blind ~ 
yes the blind
"Who are all of us" ~ can see....
Thank you, Lord for opening my eyes with love
and for touching my soul with all the beautiful, people I meet..

© XxSuNkiSsx  a.k.a. Betty
All rights reserved
©September 13, 2003




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