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Give Me A Chance

Mama, I want to touch your heart. 
Can you feel me? 
IM inside you and you cant hear me..
Do you know how much you mean to me? 
I'm part of you but yet, you want to abort me.

Oh, why do you have to end me? 
I'll never get the chance to make you proud of me. 
Mama,  I'm just asking for a chance to live my life.

Don't let them tell you I, cant feel anything. 
How do they know I can't
Are they sure IM not anything yet?

Do you know Mama things are really starting to 
develop on me? 
My eyes are starting to grow. 
My ears are starting to develop. 
I can hear.. So they must be. 

I heard you loud and clear, what you said today. 
You said I don't want this baby that grows inside me. 
This baby is a bad mistake.
Mama you said I was a bad mistake you made.

Now that is really sad Mama. 
I'm no mistake. 
Now that really makes me mad! 
How, can a living person who is breathing and 
so much alive be a bad mistake? 

I'm a gift Mama from God to you. 
IM not a mistake.
I wish I could get through to you.

I, see you made up your mind Mama. 
Your laying on this cold table..
I heard your nurse say the doctor will be right in.  Mommmmm, I'm really scared.
I wish you could have seen me. 
Maybe, you would have changed your mind. 

I,hold nothing against you Mama.
Its your right. 
God,knows I have no say so over my own life, 
Its all right Mom. 
Bye Mama, I'm sorry I was your bad mistake. 
I'm sorry I became your problem since the very
first day.

What are you doing Mom? 
Your getting off this cold awful table.
I hear you Mama, you are crying. 
Who is that? The Doctor Your talking to?
I heard what you said Mama, Y
ou said, Doctor I just cant. I, don't
know how to explain it to you.

I'm sorry I wasted your time but this just cant be. 
I love this baby inside of me. 
My baby and I we'll be fine will make it. 
You will see. I'm smiling inside. 
My Mama really does love me. 

©  XxSuNkiSsx  a.k.a. Betty
January 19,2002 © All rights reserved
Used with permission
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Performed by 
This beautiful midi entitled Guardian Angel, is an original composition and performance by Mary Hession.  It retains her sole ©copyright and is used with her full permission.  Visit her wonderful site Living Sounds