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Haunting Of the Pass 

Why do  I hear the call of your voice
so soft and tenderly in the night
Awakening me, from a peaceful sleep
I hear you call my name so sweetly ~
gently you call  out to me ~ IM here

What is it, that makes this heart feel like It carries  burdens ..
A burden of sadness, ~caused by the haunting of a voice
calling out my name,
Why, can't you see ~ this burdens my soul,
let go I scream ~  let go  stop calling me.

Then I'M awaken  in my sleep
as my heart fills with sadness 
and I feel the lost of someone dear.
I feel the lost of a voice no longer,
I will hear and my soul cries
deep inside of  ~  lost

Betty Rickard
(c) July 20, 2004
All rights reserved
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Snow script courtesy of Altan

Re-Created with love
July 19, 2004