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Looking through My Eyes

Sometimes I sit in watch the sun set..
Wake up in the morning to watch it rise. 
Me, sitting right here in my rocking chair all night. 
How peaceful it can be, to sit there peacefully thinking, 
how great it is to be alive.

Sitting here, watching the trees as their branches blow 
with a slow rhythm, filling the air with their fresh, 
sweet fragrance of apple blossoms and honeysuckle. 
Surrounding, me  with such a beautiful smell all around everywhere.
I breath the beautiful, fragrance of  the blossoms in 
and I, think to myself how relaxing , how very relaxing this is.. 

Sitting here listening. 
I hear a train off in the distance the whistle blowing,
sounding so lonely and sad.
It is chugging along into the night, 
I think to myself where is it going, 
how many folks is it carrying back to their homes again. 
I, feel a smile on my face as I think how many 
people will be  so happy, to see their love ones come home . 

I,say to myself, Im truly blessed. 
Yes, I'm truly blessed.
The, Lord has blessed me well. 
He has given me, such a wonderful, caring family.. 
with so much love...
He surely, has smiled down upon me..
Yes, indeed he smiled down upon me, 
and blessed me with all his love..

I can't believe I sat here all night but, the sun is risen again. .
I hear the birds chirping looking for some bread..
I see a mama bird feeding her young. 
I, see three squirrels  chasing each other in the grass, 
I laugh at how much they remind me of children 
playing tag.

I sit in my rocking chair, Yes, I'm old but not at all sad .. 
I consider myself blessed.
Im blessed the Lord, 
made all this beauty for these  old eyes " still "  to look at.
I, close my eyes and  I whisper a prayer of thanks, 
as I sit here and rock in my rocking chair,
listening and relaxing, watching all this beauty
the Lord has made everywhere, just for you and I ~~ 
Yes, just for you and I.

I bow my head and whisper I  love you Lord,
Thank you for another beautiful, beautiful  day..

Author ~ (c)  XxSuNkiSsx  ~ a.k.a. Betty
All rights reserved ~ May 18,2003
Used with permission
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