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Loving Heart ~From the Other Side

Awakened by, a sudden feeling  that I was not alone
I feel, your presence surround me, for the first time since you've been gone...I 've cried myself plenty of nights, till I 
fell asleep
Why dear God, did he, have to leave me?

Awakened with a jolt, as far as I could see..I see the room light  up, with pure, mystery..I look at the foot of my bed
you stood, smiling down at me..My mind, could not
comprehend what my eyes, were seeing

You appeared so lovingly .. So, real  .. How, could this be?   You, touched your heart and looked right at me.  Without, any words I understood what you were saying to me...You, said my dear, your in my heart always, I love you, more than ever~~ My love for you, ~only grows deeper~~ on the 
other side. One day, we'll be together again, .. but, for now "my love,"  you have a life to live......Live, your life ..not  in pain, filled with sorrow,. Live your life in happiness, I want to see your, beautiful smile...

Smile, when you think of me, .. Be happy you, have every right to be.. Don't spend your days feeling guilty, because I'm not here ~~I'm with you, always ~ I'll never leave you dear, ...  Many, ~ many years, from now when it becomes, your time  ~~  I 'll be here, to take you home with me....  my the other side 

With, that he touched his heart, and looked right at me. Almost, as if  he was looking,   through my very soul..  With, so much love, in his eyes, he said I love you so...   I'm, with you, always ..I know you, may not see me standing here, right next to  you,...,just know that,  I'm here, watching over  and protecting you .

He vanished, into the air as fast as he appeared..As I, sat 
up in my bed, I thought what a beautiful ~~ beautiful dream I had.. .. As tears of love, flow quickly, down my face..I could have sworn ,I felt him kiss and wipe my tears away .. As I heard his words. Don't cry ,will be together again, one day..Let me see, that smile of yours. .Be happy   I dont  
want you  to spend your life grieving over me..

Then, at that same moment I had this, unsettled thought... Was it really, a dream? How could it be?....My heart, felt  his  presence, even, the smell of his cologne, lingered in my room.. I felt him, within my whole soul, and being  ~ He , spoke to me without any words and yet ~~~ I've heard every loving, word,  he, spoke ~ from, his heart,~~ soul~~~ and mind....It wasn't a dream ~~ not a dream at all....It was a visit from my, love..showing, me  his love ~~  carried over  ,from the other side..

He, wanted me to know, his love ~~would, never ~ never die. I touched my heart~~ kissed  the air and somehow, felt his loving lips on mine, as I whispered ~Good night dear... I love you, , as I hugged his pillow all night..

Betty Rickard  ~
©used with permission
All rights reserved
January 20, 2004
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