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Lullabies from a Mother's Heart

Sweet lullabies
sang in the night
right from a mother's lips,
to her baby as she sings
her own made up loving lullabies.

The mother sings in her soothing voice
filled with love for her little one,
as her sweet baby falls fast asleep,
in the Mother's, loving arms.

Prayers, are said to Our Heavenly Father, 
that he would stand in watch over and protect
the little one that is fast asleep in her arms

Please Lord, 
protect my baby as my child lays here 
so innocent without any sins..
Hold my baby close Lord, in your loving embrace..
Please, always watch over and protect my child
with your love and your grace..

Look at your, beautiful smile little one
as you lay here asleep so peacefully
The Lord sent one of his angels
to protect and watch over you ...
I can tell the way your smiling so sweetly
in your sleep..

Dear Lord, always stay near
my baby..Never be, very far away.
Hold my baby in your loving arms,
away from any harm. 
Please, keep my precious child safe

Thank you, Lord
for blessing me with this beautiful child 
that lays so peacefully sleeping, 
smiling here in my arms..

Lord, praise you, for your ever lasting love..
Thank you, for this miracle that lays fast asleep in my arms..
Praise you Lord, for blessing me with my sweet baby.

 Author ~ XxSuNkiSsx a.k.a. Betty
All rights reserved  September 9, 2003
Used with permission
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1 June 2003.

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