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"Mother Can You Hear Me"
Mother can you hear me
way up there in Heaven?
Do you peek down from the clouds and see me?  
Standing looking up in the sky, trying to see you, 
As the  beautiful, clouds pass by 
Maybe, I will catch a glimpse, as you soar by,
Flying on angel wings, glistening in the beautiful, sunlight.
Maybe you'll be sitting on a  star looking down,
Humming a sweet, soft melody as you  gently blow kisses goodnight,  to me.

I can almost hear you ,whispering,
I love you daughter, sweet dreams dear, 
Nighty, night.  Mama, is  always here with you, dear..
Mother can you hear me
Way up there in heaven
Can you hear me whisper
I love you, over and over again
Mother, can you hear me
I know you can.
My love for you, can easily reach heaven 
My love could easily reach beyond, Heaven, 
And all the stars.

How strong my love for you,
That  lives within my heart.
Mama, I love you..
I really miss you Mom, 
I miss your hugs, and how much you loved and cared for all of us 
I have never seen a more loving and caring mother 
I'm so thankful God, gave me *you* to be my mother..
Mother, I'm hugging you, can you feel me?
I'll close my eyes and you'll be right here, with me.
You, hugging me  and me hugging you 
You loving me,and I,   ohhh, so much loving and missing you.
Catch Mom, Im sending you up this  rose, 
Your favorite flower,
Filled with all my love,
Hold this rose, so close to your heart.
It  comes filled, with my love.
 Im so thankful I had you in my life , my precious, Mother.
  You're here, right here Mom, 
You live in my heart.
Where I'll keep you, and love you forever and ever, 

For always Mom, we'll never be apart.
Happy Mother's Day with all my Love, Respect and all my Heart....
 Betty Rickard aka Betty  (c)
All rights reserved  May 3, 2004
Used with permission
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