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My Lake and Me

I sit here at the lake so beautiful the wavs..
The sounds of the water so relaxing to me.
.I here the sea gull as they fly overhead what a peaceful,
peaceful place to be...

I hear the wavs crash to the shore with a soothing rythm
as I watch they seem to call out to me.
Come here stick your feet here at my shore
let my cool water comfort thee.
What a peaceful...peaceful place to be..

Sand beneath my feet everything seems so peaceful
and relaxing, just a very  relaxing place to be..
A, place where you can pray and feel
God's spirit with thee ..How very peaceful this can be..
one where all your troubles seem to release in this
wonderful peaceful place..

The lake is where I want to be.
Waiting here for you to come to me...
Come here be with me at this peaceful...peaceful
beautiful lake... Just you and me..

Author: © XxSuNkiSsx   a.k.a. Betty
All reserved rights    7-17-02
Used with permission
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"Woodland Reflections"
©Artist Dalhart Windberg Courtesy of:
Online Art Mall

Music "Remember"
 Bruce DeBoar Used with permissison