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My Quiet Time With A Special Friend

    The waves are roaring in towards me.  The beauty is just breath taking...The water crashing to the shore...The seagulls squawking as they fly by...trying to decide which way to fly...Their young flying next to them.

    I stand in the waves.. Each wave going over my feet... Ahh, so cooling and relaxing, I look out at the lake as far as I can see.  Nothing but beauty and beautiful water surrounds me...waves crashing...crashing...crashing to the shore a rhythm all their own...

       Looking out as far as I can see, it feels so peaceful and relaxing to me. I do my best praying here.  Here ,where you can feel God's presence, just knowing God is listening to your prayers. You feel as if you can reach out to touch Him.. You feel His presence right here with you...Finding myself thinking of how the bible says God walked on the water.

    I can picture this so real... sitting here listening to the waves, watching all the beauty that surrounds me...A peacefulness comes over me...

    Looking out as far as I can see at all this beauty God has made, I think to myself God made all this beauty just for you and I ~~ I, feel like the waves are calling out to me. Praise His name all of this including you was made by  God.  Praise His name.....Praise his name....Praise his name the waves seem to call out to me....and I do....

Author: © XxSuNkiSsx   a.k.a. Betty
All rights reserved
Used with permission
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