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Presence Felt

Feeling the warm, gentle breeze blowing gently through our hair.
Feeling, the sand upon our feet the mist of the water upon our face.
Just a peaceful~ peaceful feeling 
as we walk hand and hand on Gods beautiful beach.

The, water roars with waves ~ crashing to the shore
We, want to stand there, feel and watch the waves 
as they come in  roaring, crashing to the shore. I feel
the waves upon my feet a peaceful feeling comes over me.

More and more, I feel
your presence here with us. I know you, feel his presence also.. I can see
It on your face, that peaceful look as you stare across the water as far as 
you can see..I know you feel his presence also, I see the look of peace.

We, stand in the waves feeling them go over our feet.
Feels, as if they are cleansing our very soul making us feel so complete.

I feel your presence
so strong as if your walking right through me.
I find myself whispering your beautiful name ~ Jesus
Oh, how I feel you, right here with me.

We, look out at all the beauty you have created, dear Lord.
Right, at that minute we look up, and there right in your beautiful sky,
is the most beautiful rainbow, flowing down reaching, touching the sparkling 
water, with so many vibrant, beautiful colors ~~ It takes your breath away

You, can't help but, feel  so blessed.
Silently, you take my hands in yours, as we stand in the waves
you close "your" eyes.. You, whisper a
prayer of thanks, as I stand by your side
watching you ~ give the Lord praise, I feel
the tears rolling down my face ~ my heart fills up with pride
as you ask God, to come into your life..

I look as far as I can see..
All, I see is such beauty that is surrounding me.
Then, I have this awesome thought
not only did God, create all this beauty
he also created you and I.

Silently, closing my eyes, I whisper
a prayer of thanks ~ Thank you, Lord!
Praise, your name.

We, hold hands standing in the waves,
taking in all the surroundings, all the beauty ..I think to
myself how, truly blessed we are.

Dear Lord, I feel you standing right
here in front of me, as I whisper your name
I give you so much praise ~ as I stand here at your
beautiful ~ beautiful lake, with your waves crashing to the shore.
Once, more I think to myself how truly, blessed I am..Yes Lord, truly blessed I am, for sure..

I give you praise ~ dear Lord..  Yes, Lord, I give you all the praise standing here at your beautiful ~beautiful ~ peaceful lake. I close my eyes and once more whisper a prayer of love and thanks to you, dear Lord.

 XxSuNkiSsx   a.k.a. Betty
All rights reserved  used with permission
©July 6, 2003
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Music "Dawns First Flight" midi
Used with permission  Bruce DeBoar