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Precious rose with your petals, unfold, let me see what you really hold.
Each of your petals tells a story, all held together by your roots.
Just like a family, a rose is held together by its own roots, 
ready to expose the stories about life.

Precious life we hold close to us as we do this rose
Your beauty, smell, roots, your stem...hold it close, this rose,
to your heart before it is no longer,
before it wilts and closes up with age. 
Oh, the precious graceful beauty of that rose...smell the sweet fragrance
before it is too late.  Before it closes up and dies without notice of its beauty.

As your own life, hold it dear to your heart.  
Hold on to it as it comes to an end...
Ready to close the petals up as each petal falls to the ground carried off by the wind.  
Open your eyes to all the beauty before it comes to an end.

Stop, look and listen.  
Take the time to look at all the beauty that surrounds us.  
The beauty that we, as humans, take so much for granted everyday.  
Notice each petal of a rose, just how beautiful it is...
The shape, how perfect each petal was made.  
Don't let the petals just close up, wither and die without even noticing.  
Take the time to notice the beauty of life, hold it in your embrace. 
Take the time to give the Lord plenty of thanks.

Author: © XxSuNkiSsx   a.k.a. Betty
All rights reserved  ©December 30, 2001
Used with permission
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