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Searching Within Yourself

Look within yourself, you may be surprised what you may find..  Seek deep to the core of your being..
Seek for answers of  wisdom, reasons, questions, and   guidance for so many different things.  Be, aware of 
memories deep within your heart.  It's time to let yourself
seek knowledge from somewhere deep within your  own spirit...thoughts,.. mind...  heart....and  soul.

Then, and only then can you, begin to understand ...certain thoughts, memories, reasons, will all seem to make sense... Like, a bird once caught in a trap, being released to feel 
the freedom to soar ~~soar as high as he can. 

Thoughts inside you, waiting to be released memories deep inside your souls mind waiting ~~waiting ~~~waiting  to 
be freed... thoughts buried so deep inside, so very long 
ago, just waiting  to  be released. So,they  are  set  free
from your heart, mind  and soul.. Live your life with a clean conscious after all your, only human...forgive yourself...
God, already has..

Author: ©XxSuNkiSsx   a.k.a. Betty
All rights reserved - February 27, 2003
Used with permission
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Performed by 
This beautiful midi entitled "The Risen Lord - Christ", is an original composition and performance by Mary Hession.  It retains her sole ©copyright and is used with her full permission.  Visit her wonderful site   Living Sounds