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Searching Your Heart

Night fall, gazing up at the stars
watching their brilliant, sparkling, and 
vibrant light from under them I stand 
I feel this yearning feeling ,take over me 
with a serene feeling of complete calmness..

I feel compelled to reach out, 
gather my thoughts, focus on a higher source,
surrounded with thoughts of ones mind, 
my mind which I find is not so easily expressed..

My thoughts are carried to the extreme
 of feelings towards love, depth of ones soul 
and love for all brotherhood.

I'm forced to face my true feelings, 
with my heart and my soul, 
which becomes love for all the universe 
and for all the people that all
from a higher source.

A source that is true pure love......
This source is God himself.

~ XxSuNkiSsx  a.k.a.Betty ~
Copyright All rights reserved January 2, 2004
©used with permission
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Music By Bruce DeBoar