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Someone Watching Over Us Always

Who is that sitting on my stairs..Who is that?
It is a man, sitting there begging for something to eat
I never seen him before..Here I am with only some milk, bread and
some lunch meat...I get up close to my porch and the man looks at me 
with eyes of sadness and a body that look as if he hasn't ate in weeks.
Ma'am, can you spare something to eat..

You, see Ma'am I, been down on my luck. Can't find a job they won't let 
me in to fill out an application, they said people would take offence. 
They said look at you, look at your clothes they're dirty.  You. smell get 
out of here, before we call the police.   Look at you, coming in here your 
a BUM!  Get out of here..

Ma'am, I felt so bad. I sat on the curb for days starving without a thing to 
eat.  I'm not a bum.  I can't find a job if I can't get clean or they won't let 
me come in.  Ma'am, please can you spare anything to eat.  It doesn't have 
to be much. 
I handed him the bag of groceries, I just bought.  I reached down in my 
pocket in pulled out a $20 dollar bill I said here, It's all I have to spare right 
He said Ma'am, you are so kind.  God bless you..

I said the apartment below mine is empty.  It has Plenty of hot water for 
your bath.  I'll be right back, wait here please.

I ran upstairs and I looked in my closet where sweaters and pants still hung 
from my husband, You, see Charles, passed away around a year ago.  I 
couldn't get myself to give his things away, but something today made me, 
gather and take all his clothes to the man waiting on the porch

When I returned with the clothes I handed them to him.  He said ma'am I 
can't take all this from you.  Ma'am. do you have a grass cutter?  looks like 
your grass is way out of hand. 
I said I, sure do and would appreciate it. But, first I said lets, let you in the 
apartment.  I, opened the apartment door for him.  I said, you eat first then 
shower.  I brought him a razor and shaving cream that my brother had left 

My, brother came over and I told him everything I could about the man.  I 
said I don't know why but, God has sent this man to me.  I feel it in my soul,
I need to help him.

My brother said, we will see, leave the talking to me.  At this moment, the 
man opened the door, I couldn't believe my eyes there in Charles, clothes 
was a very handsome man.  He was clean shaved and sparkling clean.  My brother introduced himself, to him.  They talked and talked, they got along great.  
My brother asked to talk with me for a few minutes he, excused himself, 
and told the man he would return soon.

He said Emily, I think he is a good man.  Just, down on his luck no one will 
give him a chance.  Emily, would you mind very much If, he stayed in the apartment with me, till he gets on his feet?
I said not at all, I didn't mind.  I think it is a great idea, lets go tell him. 
When, we told the man about are plans.  The, man with tears in his eyes couldn't believe we would do this for him.
He promised to find work as soon as he could.  He, called me his guardian 
angel, how, about that?

My brother took him down to his work there was an opening.  He was hired 
on the spot.  He came home so happy.  I seen him coming up the street in Charles, clothes and my heart did a flip as I missed Charles so. 
He, said how can I ever pay you back.  Nothing, I can do will ever pay you 
back for having faith in me. You, gave me my life back.

On his first payday he, asked me to go out to dinner with him. I said yes.  As 
I sat there thinking about me saying, yes, I felt so guilty.  I scolded myself. 
How, can you, just go out with a man?  How, about Charles doesn't he mean 
anything to you anymore? 
I cried and cried  I had to find the nerve to tell Tom, I was sorry but, I just couldn't go.  I, will go, downstairs and tell him, and let him know.  I love 
Charles, he's only been gone for over a year.

I wish Charles, was here.  He would bring me a yellow rose.  It was 
something we used to do.  
A yellow rose meant everything would be fine.  Not, to be afraid of 
anything  he, was here with me and I, was here with him.  He would say If, 
we had an argument, I'll send you a yellow rose.  This means everything is 
fine.  Don't worry.

It means that yellow is like sunshine everything would be fine.  Trust in 
yourself, listen to your heart, it knows best.  Yes, that was my Charles, he 
knew just, how to make me feel better.  Lord! How I missed him.

I had myself a good cry.  I unlocked the door to go tell Tom, I wouldn't be 
going to dinner with him.  I opened the door, and in front of my door was the prettiest yellow rose just laying there.  I picked it up and kissed it.  I knew It was Charles that sent it.  He, was letting me know everything was fine with him.  He, wanted Tom, and I to go out.  This was in Gods and his plan.

I hurried and dressed there was a knock on my door.. It was Tom,  He 
handed me a dozen of long stem yellow roses with a card that read, 
Thank you, for being the loving person you are. 
Thank you, for being my guardian angel.

It was signed
Tom Charles.

This took me by total surprise, I said why did you write Charles, on your 

Ohhh Charles, is my middle name.  

I, left the room to put the roses in a vase.  Tears were falling down my 
cheeks and I just knew God, and Charles planned all this. 
Will see, where it will go.
Will just take it slow.
But, I know this was all meant to be.
Yes, indeed.
As I smile with loving thoughts of my Charles.
God, bless him.

~ XxSuNkiSsx  ~ a.k.a. Betty
All rights reserved (c) March 26, 2003



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