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What beauty, for the beholder to see.
Breath taking pearl sands, and  dark blue water, flowing, Sparkling,  surrounding me. 
Flowing, drifting waves, splashing to the shore
Gentle breeze, rippling , caressing, and  blowing through my hair..
Sand felt under my feet, 
As I stand in awe,  I take in all this unbelievable, beauty.
 I find  surrender, of certain peace, 
As I look at this beautiful masterpiece  God, painted  ....  Soothing calmness, takes over me. 
 I feel so blessed, with the thought,
I have everything I need in my life.

I have, God, My family,  " LOVE", My Friends
The beautiful lake, The waves, Nature.
My relaxation, My meditation..  This is everything  I  need.. 
I'M so blessed, I bow my head in thankful prayer, 
For this and more, I'M so very thankful..
Dear Lord, You, made me so AWARE of all my surroundings and I'M so happy, that you have.  I feel so much peace of mind, looking at all this overwhelming beauty, you've made .
Lord, I feel your presence and your amazing love, standing right here watching over me, and I feel so blessed and  yes, so  loved.
 Betty Rickard  aka Betty
All rights reserved  Used with permission
May 27, 2004


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