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Too Soon

I sit at this lake and I feel the breeze upon my face
I hear the sea gulls call out as they soar through the air
and I think how beautiful to watch them fly, soaring in the sky..

Their wing span, so large they fly like their wings are in control 
of every movement they feel.  
They look down and call out in their own call, so happily they
fly by as if their saying look, look,  I'm alive look at my wings
sparkling so beautiful and shiny white as I soar in the sky.

I find myself thinking of you and a sadness comes over my heart,
reaches, touches my very soul as I think of you..
a lady who is getting weaker and weaker everyday.
I feel so hopeless their is nothing I can do.

Just last month we were sitting here laughing, you looked so strong.
Now your laying in a bed so weak and not trying anymore.
Your, giving up I can see it.
You, got the news you, went to see the Doctor.  
He, told you that you had cancer through your whole body 
and there is nothing they can do.
They said it is in your brain now.
So,  you decided, why try.. 

I sit here and I want to scream and cry out whyyyyyyyyyyyy?
Don't give up.  Get out of that bed.
Just last month you looked so strong .
Now, only a few weeks later, your a shadow of yourself .
Such a change in a few short weeks, from that strong
person that sat here in my kitchen smoking cigarette after cigarette.
just, a few weeks ago.
Ohhhhhhhh, how I hate those awful cancer sticks.
They take beautiful peoples lives, so fast
they fill there body up with cancer that awful, awful disease.

I know how smoking can kill.
It killed my own sister as well.
She was in her early 50's with six grown children.
I was smoking at the time of her death.
I decided to throw them away.
That was almost 7 years ago.
I, thank the good Lord, he helped me quit.
He will help you also.

You, have a chance to quit.
Please quit while you have that chance.
Blowing smoke out your mouth and nose isn't worth your life.
You, have a chance now to quit it's up to you.
You choose, a cigarette or your family?

If your mad at me for this write, good!. 
As long as I have you thinking about those awful cancer sticks.
You, can be mad at me.  Just as long as you quit! 
Don't fool yourself thinking that they won't harm you, They will.
Stop now, God, will help you.

As, for my son and his fathers Aunt , 
I only wish I could do something for her, but I can't.
It is in Gods hands.
The best thing I can do is just pray for her.
She is a very special lady  who means a lot to all of us.
God, bless her always in all ways.

All rights reserved  ©July 2, 2003
Used with permission
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